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Fires In Sonoma , Box Turtle Press, New York, 2013.  The seventh title in the Individual Poet Series from the publisher of Mudfish magazine.

Editor: Jill Hoffman

Fires in Sonoma is distributed by Ingram Periodicals and is available at the Barnes & Noble locations listed here or contact

Husk, Box Turtle Press, New York, 2007.  The fifth title in the Individual Poet Series from the publisher of Mudfish magazine.

Editor: Jill Hoffman

Husk was distributed by Ingram Periodicals and was sold at Hastings stores throughout the U.S. You can purchase a copy of Husk ($15); contact

What others have said about Husk:

Susan Terris, Editor, RUNES, A Review of Poetry:
“Terry Phelan has a keen eye for the small details that make up a life.  She writes movingly of family – of the possibility and impossibility of change.  Using the rhythms of everyday speech, she writes poems of love and of loss, yet Phelan’s words have both insight and eloquence.  Though her work is often wistful or sad, it has many sly moments of humor and irony.  Never underestimate the quiet voice.  Often, as in the book called HUSK, the quiet voice delivers the richest grains of truth.”

Timothy Green, Editor, RATTLE:
Husk is like a conversation with a long lost friend – intimate enough for empathy, as exciting as gossip.  Connecting the past with the present, Phelan lays all her truths on the table.  And when the coffee cools you’ll want another cup.”

Linda Frost, Editor, PMS (poemmemoirstory):
“Framed by the sensual snapshots of seasonal Michigan and the surprising brilliance of our daily lives, Terry Phelan’s Husk works its way under our skins, finding and revealing and refilling the shells of who we are.  Passionate and deeply loving, this collection gives satisfying shape to the energies families provide and deplete as well as heralding the determined drive for something selfishly more.  Simply put, Phelan gets it – – and gets it right.”

Poet Interviews by Terry Phelan:

Gillian Connolly, Stellasue Lee, Jane Miller,

Louise Murphy, Susan Terris

Young Adult Fiction:

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